Maggie Ortlieb

Founder and Vegan Passion-ista, Maggie spends her days in the Los Angeles area serving as corporate marketing maven for a large accounting firm. Her interests run the gamut from advocating for human and animal rights to traveling to hiking to reading to partaking in any new experience she can find (Hip-hop, anyone? Improv?). Maggie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising from Michigan State University. Go green!


Tammie Ortlieb

Cofounder and Content Creator, Tammie also maintains a personal blog at lifeloveandpixiedust.blogspot.com. Her writing has been featured in VegNews, VegFamily, WOW! Women on Writing, and various other non-veg sources. She is author of Outside the Lines: Essays on Poverty, Possibilities, and the Power of Love as well as Freeing My Inner Blonde. Professor, writer, and mother of four, she confesses she really just wants to make people smile, look at pretty things, and read until her brain explodes.


Anthony Houtrow

Marketing Director and Chief Go-To Guy, Anthony spends his days working in the insurance industry and pursuing his degree in Sales and Marketing. He decided to go vegan when he discovered the positive impact he could have on the world simply by changing his diet. He enjoys chatting up potential clients over a Vegan Texas Tank from Studio Grill and maintains that while going vegan hasn’t been easy, it has been one of the best decisions he has ever made.


Anja Grommons

Lead Staff Writer, Anja is also a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a Graduate Teaching Assistant at WMU currently working toward a Masters of Arts in Family and Consumer Science. Growing up in her parents’ restaurant in northern Michigan instilled in her a lifelong passion for both nutrition and cooking.