Who we are

Here at VegOut we live to help folks transition to a vegan diet. We like to think of ourselves as a dating site between individuals looking for vegan foods and businesses that have those vegan foods to offer. Plant-based item on the menu? That’s for sure a swipe right!


What we’re looking for

We are interested in positive, upbeat, informational articles that help the reader find vegan things to eat, see, and do around their town. We like a chatty tone with a friendly vibe. Lists are great (12 Places to Find Vegan Pizza!) as is coverage of an upcoming vegan event (9 Things You Want to Check Out at Vegan Oktoberfest). Look at past articles on our site for ideas.


What we’re NOT looking for

While we love to support small businesses and are all about a healthful diet, this is not a site for foodies, activists, or those who like to eat local. We don’t yell at our readers for not being fully vegan. We don’t share photos of bloody animals. We are not interested in articles that criticize fast food establishments or that talk about the horrors of big business. Think of us as a GPS. The reader is looking for vegan options. A certain business has vegan options. Guide the reader, in your work, toward those options. That’s it. That’s all we do.



At this point, we do not pay for articles. We offer, instead, the opportunities to build your writing portfolio, to work with an upbeat team, to promote your website in your byline, and to help in forwarding the vegan movement.


Contact the editors

Have an idea you think we might like? Send us a query at hello@vegoutmedia.com. Tell us who you are, if you’ve written before, and what you would like to write. Provide links to any previous work. Sit back. Relax. Wait for us to respond.

For Kalamazoo articles – Subject line: Query – Anja

For Los Angeles or Indianapolis articles – Subject line: Query -- Tammie