Veganarchy Sweets & Eats currently attends the following Markets, please pop into Croissant D’Or by Veganarchy at 33 East Row Civic or see our Stockists page for a list of where to grab our stuff during the week.

Upcoming Markets:

TBA @ Old Bus Depot Markets!
Cupcakes (regular & gluten free), donuts, gluten free cheesecake, and our packaged Veganarchy BBQ products.

28th & 29th July@ Handmade Markets EPIC!
Cupcakes (regular & gluten free), donuts, gluten free cheesecake (baked & raw), cookies, slice and our packaged Veganarchy BBQ products.

Sunday 7th October 2017 @ Living Green Festival, Albert Hall!
We’re having two stall at Living Green: A sweets stall inside and a savoury stall outside. With cupcakes, donuts, cheesecake, raw slice, cookies and brownies inside and Fried Chick’n and Waffles, Chick’n Ranch Burgers and Bac’n Cheezeburgers outside with Veganarchy exclusive fried chicken, bacon, patties, waffles and cheese.

Old Bus Depot Markets
Old Bus Depot on Wentworth Ave, Kingston ACT
Sundays 10am to 4pm. We bring a different selection of cupcakes and/or muffins (regular & gluten free), donuts, gluten free and vegan cheesecake (baked & raw) and our Veganarchy BBQ products to each market!

Handmade Markets
Exhibition Park in Canberra on Flemington Rd, Mitchell ACT
Handmade Markets are now held 5 times a year and focus on quality handmade products of Australia. We bring a different selection of cupcakes, donuts, cheesecakes (baked & raw), slice, cookies and our Veganarchy BBQ products with us to each market.

Living Green Festival
Albert Hall in Canberra on Commonwealth Ave, Canberra ACT
Living Green Festival is held once a year and focuses on vegan and environmentally responsible products and choices available in Canberra as well as Australia wide.

There is a chance to speak with other vegans, owners of animal sanctuaries and pet adoption specialists, sustainable business owners and passionate activists. With a timetable full of demonstrations, workshops, speeches and bands you’ll spend the whole day at Living Green, but don’t worry….

This is the event where you can sample our bbq products, cooked by the creator of the products, so you are sampling them at their best. We also bring a huge selection of cupcakes (regular and gluten free), donuts, cheesecakes (baked & raw and both gluten free), cookies and our Veganarchy BBQ products with us for you to enjoy. There is also an abundance of other hot and cold vegan food options, as a matter of fact it is an entirely plastic free and all of the food is vegan!

There are prepackaged food alternatives like vegan ‘cheeses’ and ‘meats’, chocolates, cookies, crisps and marshmallows for take home treaties to line your fridge and pantry with and pretend it’s Living Green Festival everyday!

There is also an abundance of ethical clothing and bags, jewellery plus homewares made from recycled materials.

And if that wasn’t enough… we are planning to launch some new products in our line of meat and cheese alternatives.