6 Vegan Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day in the Bay Area

The pressure to make Valentine’s Day memorable is intense! If cooking at home isn’t your thing, here are six options to match just how you and your boo do.


For the fitness and nutrition couple:

Head over to Super Juiced (540 9th St., Oakland) to get Emerald Moon green juice smoothies with coconut milk, mango, kale, spinach, cinnamon and medjool dates. However, everything in balance, so be sure to grab a piece of raw rose truffle cashew cheesecake.


For the sophisticated couple:

Make reservations for Millennium (5912 College Ave., Oakland) for the five-course, prix-fixe dinner. Some of the decadent options include roasted radish caponata, Oaxacan green corn and chard sopes, and chocolate almond marjolaine. Wine pairings are available, as well as a long list of cocktails.


For the couple who live by “dessert first”:

Get heart-shaped sprinkle donuts at Vegan Donut Gelato (411 E 18th St., Oakland) and go halfsies on a gelato sandwich. Their bear claws, cinnamon rolls and jelly donuts will leave you full of love and joy. Be sure to hold hands while you walk around nearby Lake Merritt.


For the low-key couple:

Saturn Cafe (2175 Allston Way, Berkeley & 145 Laurel St., Santa Cruz) has classic diner food and milkshakes to split with your sweetie, and champagne cupcakes for Valentine’s Day! You can go just dessert and milkshakes, breakfast for dinner, or a table full of appetizers. Bonus points if you draw a ketchup heart on their plate.


For the vegan/omnivore couple:

Cybelle’s Front Room (1385 9th Ave, San Francisco) has an extensive, carb-heavy menu of vegan pizzas, breadsticks, potato wedges, and calzones. They’ve also got the Impossible Burger, which may help convince your partner to make the switch to vegan life.


For the couple on the road:

If you spent the day hiking or sampling wine in Napa, be sure to hit Amy’s Drive Thru (58 Golf Course Drive West, Rohnert Park) for burgers, burritos, and french fries to hold you over until you get back home to Netflix.


Whatever you do will be appreciated, but these are a just a few ways to make the day a little sweeter. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Feature photo credit: Vegan Donut Gelato




Erin lives and eats pizza in Oakland, and has been at least vegetarian since the ripe age of four. She’s a proud entrepreneur and #girlboss, and loves talking small business and big ideas over coffee. Erin is a bourbon-lovin,’ red lipstick queen, and will be happy to learn any language you throw her way.