Restaurant Spotlight: Veggie Grill

One hundred percent vegan, one hundred percent delicious, Veggie Grill offers not just one or two vegan options but an entire plant-based menu. This is vegan comfort food at its best. 

With gluten-free options and a focus on non-GMO tofu and tempeh, high protein grains such as quinoa, millet, brown rice, and buckwheat, and Gardein Chikin’ Veggie protein, made from non-GMO soybeans, you can rest assured that both your palate and your body will be pleased with your choices. 

For starters try the Buffalo Wings, Mondo Nachos, or the Crispy Cauliflower.  Or maybe just order up a sandwich. The Santa Fe Crispy Chickin’ is a VegOut favorite! Enjoy fried Chickin’, lettuce, tomato, red onion, avocado, and spicy mayo on a wheat bun. Another great option is the Buffalo Bomber, Crispy Chickin’ with a spicy Buffalo sauce, veggies, and a creamy ranch dressing. All sandwiches are served with your choice of Yukon Gold fries, coleslaw, or a cup of seasonal soup.  

Entrées, salads, appetizers, and more! And we can’t print this piece without mentioning that vegan Mac-n-Cheese. 

With online ordering and delivery for a small charge to certain areas, Veggie Grill is your go-to vegan dinner source. 

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