The Top 4 Vegan Restaurants in Los Angeles

The culinary scene in LA is exploding and the vegan community has carved out quite a niche. These days, there is actually an overwhelming amount of options for dining out in a cruelty free setting. If you are tired of cooking for yourself or eating at the same old places, check out these restaurants to help you change up your eating routine around LA.


With a full bar and an upscale setting, this restaurant isn’t what you would typically expect from a plant based establishment. Located in West Hollywood, visitors get a chance to taste vegan cuisine that is quite similar to what they are used to. With fake meats and crafty dishes that resemble the typical favorites, Crossroads is truly unique to other vegan establishments touting quinoa and tofu. Try the lentil flatbread, artichoke oysters and berry tart.


Organic, vegan and macrobiotic, the cuisine at Shojin gives vegans the opportunity to enjoy authentic, Japanese dishes. Their aim is to serve food that contributes to good health and to make the customers feel special while eating items from their unique menu. Make sure to try the Shitake Tempura, Crunchy Tiger Roll with BBQ Seitan and Ramen of The Century.

Vinh Loi Tofu

This place takes their tofu seriously and are committed to turning it into some pretty tasty meals. If you are into Vietnamese food, this is the place to try Asia cuisine without the meat. Guests can get bowls of traditional Pho soup as well as meatless Vietnamese sandwiches and a whole assortment of fake meat dishes. Try the spring rolls or one of the intriguing tofu dishes.

The Gadarene Swine

Forget about fake meats; you won’t need them at this vegan eatery. The concept of this restaurant is based solely around veggies, making it a completely unique dining experience for both vegans and meat eaters. The chefs here are known to do some pretty interesting things to vegetables so make sure to try the fried stuffed olives, black bean and crisp yucca burrito and lemon and pistachio kale chips.