Beyond Meat and Veggie Grill Team Up to Release 'Beyond Burger'

It's big. It's juicy. And it's made of plants.

The Beyond Burger is produced by the vegan mock-meat company, Beyond Meat. It is all-vegan but “looks, cooks, and tastes like fresh ground beef.” It even "bleeds" like beef. It’s stocked right alongside meat at your nearest Whole Foods providing a great option for those non-vegans choosing to eat less red meat.

If it’s not meat, then, what is it?

First off, let’s talk about what it’s not. It’s not packed with antibiotics, hormones, GMO’s, soy, or gluten. It is 100% plant-based. While it’s only available at Whole Foods for now, spring and summer will see increased availability nationwide. Check to see if the store near you is carrying Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burger.

You don’t have to cook it up yourself, though, to enjoy the new mouth-watering flavor. Beyond Burger and Veggie Grill have teamed up to bring you this real-deal meaty-tasting burger. You can find it at any of Veggie Grill’s 28 locations.

Deemed Product of the Year in VegNews Magazine’s annual Veggie Awards the new Beyond Burger is sure to please.