10 Spots for Vegan Ice Cream in Los Angeles


What is summer without ice cream? Stop by these ice cream shops to get this summer started!


Divine Dips Ice Cream


Located in downtown LA, Divine Dips redefines what dairy-free ice cream means by providing all dairy and gluten free ice cream, with an abundance of delicious flavors. Try infinite mint or s’mores road! This quaint, little ice cream shop also has vegan free desserts, like milkshakes and churro donuts, that are guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth!


Bengees Ice Cream

Pasadena & Echo Park

If you’re trying to find the perfect ice cream cone, look no further! With over ten vegan flavors, and many toppings to choose from, Bengee’s is easily your new go-to spot. Plus, this place is totally Instagram-esque!

Treat Yo Self and your Father.

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Cocobella Creamery


Looking for an ice cream place to bring your squad? Cocobella Creamery’s decadent ice cream is inclusive of everyone, whether you’re gluten-free, nut-free, or dairy-free! Want a sundae or a float? Cocobella has got you covered! Plus, all of their flavors are made from scratch.


Magpies Soft Serve

Tarzana & Silverlake

With two locations around Silver Lake and Tarzana, Magpies Soft Serve is basically soft-serve heaven, which is why the stores are always packed! Magpie’s offers many vegan soft serve flavors and a plethora of vegan toppings to satisfy your summertime cravings.




Dive into some indulgent soft-serve ice cream, but without the guilt! Yoga-urt’s mission is to provide a space where health-conscious foodies can enjoy organic, dairy-free, and soy-free desserts in a safe space. What are you waiting for? Yoga-urt has 15 delicious flavors to choose from and a buffet of toppings, so you can make your own heavenly creation!


Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream

Multiple Locations

Whether in a truck or in a shop, Van Leeuwen’s ice cream always hits the spot. This artisanal ice cream shop doesn’t play around with its high quality ice cream; with a vegan menu full of unique flavors, Van Leeuwen’s delectable ice cream keeps you wanting more!


Peddler’s Creamery


Peddler’s gives DIY a whole new meaning! This eco-friendly ice cream joint gives customers the opportunity to make bicycle-churned ice cream. With some vegan options to choose from, you’ll be getting in your cardio and a sweet treat! It’s a win-win!




Wanderlust Creamery

Multiple Locations

Looking for an ice cream adventure? Wanderlust Creamery is the place to go, with tropical, unique vegan flavors, like mango sticky rice and blueberry elderflower. Drawing inspiration from different regions around the world, Wanderlust Creamery has a flavor suited for everyone! You’ll be a world-traveler in just one bite.


Piencone Pizzeria Creamery & Pub

Eagle Rock

Go for their vegan pizza, stay for their vegan ice cream! With a new location in Eagle Rock, Piencone Pizzeria currently offers two vegan ice cream flavors: coconut passionfruit sorbet and Mexican hot chocolate. What’s better than vegan pizza and ice cream? Surely, this is a match made in heaven!


Afters Ice Cream

Multiple Locations

After a lots and lots of waiting, Afters has finally launched their new vegan milky buns! Whether you get it in their vegan sweet bun, cone, or just in a cup, their new vegan Choco Monster flavor is not something you want to miss. Like Afters always says, leave your diet at the door!


Feature photo credit: Cocobella Creamery





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