How I Feel After Day One of Eating Sakara Meal Delivery


I’ve been vegan for over six years but have only recently begun to focus on health. Being single, I tend to eat out more than I eat at home. I never can seem to figure out how to deal with the waste and uncertainty inevitable when cooking for one. I buy vegetables and they spoil. That, or I'm eating the same thing every day for a week. I usually end up making smoothies. Lots of smoothies. The portions aren't controlled and I tend to add more than I need - maca, cacao, flax, coconut milk, frozen berries, vegan protein powder, peanut butter. I stress over getting all the required nutrients. Let’s just throw everything in!


So, when I had the opportunity to try Sakara's plant-based meal delivery, I was thrilled. I always say that I wish someone would just feed me so I don't have to worry about food. Sakara does exactly that!


Sakara is 100% plant-based, except for honey and bee pollen in some recipes. Just specify that you would like yours prepared without this, and they can easily accommodate. Sakara isn’t just a vegan meal delivery service, they’re a holistic experience. They’re all about becoming your radiant self, feeling great, and living your best (vegan) life. You can tell this from their website, their Instagram, and the feeling you get when you open that iconic black delivery bag. Everything is beautiful, delicious, and soul-feeding.


Each food item has a short description highlighting the beauty benefits. When you navigate to Sakara’s homepage, you see in big black letters “Clean Eating Designed for Results.” All this said, there is no calorie counting involved. I repeat, there is no calorie counting involved. I absolutely love this aspect! If you follow a strict Sakara diet (Sakara only for all your meal needs), you most likely will see results - perhaps losing a few pounds, flatter tummy, more glowing skin. But this isn’t how they market themselves, as a diet or a weight-loss solution. Instead, they focus on nourishing your body. But hey, you might see these other great benefits as well. I sure did - even after just one day!



Sorry, this isn’t where I show you pictures of my stomach before and after or where I tell you that my energy is sky high. It’s only been one day, so I need to be realistic. And since people don’t love reading paragraphs, I’ve bulleted it out for you:


  • Less bloat - For the past year or so I’ve had serious digestive issues. Maybe I’ve been eating the wrong stuff, maybe I’ve been eating too much, who knows. I don't feel bloated while eating Sakara.
  • Flatter tummy - I can attribute this to two things - eating healthier and eating less. Sakara portions are not tiny, but they are controlled. I tend to overeat when cooking at home or eating out. Sakara helps me with this.
  • More time - This isn’t a physical result, but it’s awesome not having to worry about food. Should I pack lunch? Should I eat out? I’ll let Sakara take care of it all.
  • Less stress - More time leads to less stress. :)
  • Increased mood - I just feel happy eating beautiful food! I get excited thinking about nourishing my body and giving it what it needs.
  • Controlled appetite - This is the biggest benefit for me. I wasn’t craving food throughout the day like I normally do. The food I ate from Sakara kept me satisfied. I usually munch on random snacks in the evenings, but on day one I  had a few pieces of the provided chocolate and called it a night.


If I am feeling this good after one day, I can only imagine how I will feel by the end of the week, two weeks, five months from now.



2 days worth of meals came in the Monday morning delivery, and everything was clearly labeled Day 1 or Day 2, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sakara also include a menu that charts everything out.


Here’s a summarized list of my Day 1:


  • Breakfast - Detoxifying Chicory Bowl w/ Coconut-Cacao Crunch - This was BOMB.
  • Lunch - Sweet Beet + Toasted Cashew Medley w/ Carrot Ginger Glow
  • Dinner - Pink Cauliflower Flatbread w/ Truffle Macadamia “Ricotta”


Sakara also threw in a snack bar and some “beauty chocolates.” Since I did spin class that day, I opted to eat the snack bar and enjoy some chocolates as well - I had to try them out!


beauty_chocolates_flowers (2).jpg


Oh, and they included “beauty water.” You add five drops of the concentrate to your water. There is rose water and chlorophyll flavors. I’m obsessed with the chlorophyll. It makes drinking water so much more fun and enjoyable!


Beauty and Detox Water Concentrates.jpg



Now you’re thinking, sign me up! But, how much does it cost? For me, you can’t put a price tag on health. Well, you can, but it’s something I prioritize. The things I don’t mind spending money on all have to do with health and self care - the gym, food, acupuncture, and massage. The way I look at it, proper self-care today costs a heck of a lot less than medical bills down the road.


I’m heading into Day 2. I’ll make sure to keep you updated. If you’d like to join me in living that #sakaralife and nourishing your body with fresh, organic, clean meals, click here. You’ll get 15% off your entire order! I’d love to hear how you feel after 1 day, 1 week, or even more. You can email me and let me know. I’m happy, too, to answer any questions on my experience.


Please note that this was MY experience with Sakara. I’m not saying everyone will have the same experience. We’re all different and our bodies have different needs.


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