7 Ways Chef Paul Vugteveen is Catering to the Vegan Community

Change is brewing in Kalamazoo. Chef Paul Vugteveen, formerly of Pierce Cedar Creek, is stepping out on his own with partner, Lindsey Palar. This 100% vegan chef will be offering catering and consulting to area residents and businesses. We spoke with Paul to get the details on his new venture. Here are 7 offerings of this plant-based effort.

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Have a wedding, baby shower, or graduation you would like catered? Call Paul. Paul offers a 100% quality vegan menu in addition to catering to special dietary needs such as gluten intolerance and allergies.


Personal chef services

Whether you are a busy professional, have just welcomed a new baby to your home, or have special dietary needs due to chronic illness, Paul works around allergies and individual needs and preferences. His goal is to provide a quality, inclusive dining experience.


Cooking classes

Paul will be offering cooking classes throughout the area. 

Upcoming at PFC: 

Oct. 24  - Vegan Cheeze


Community programs

Paul will be working through Sprout Kitchens in Battle Creek. He will be providing programs of community interest. He specializes in vegan cheezes and pastries.


Staff education

For those businesses interested in educating staff on what vegan means, on what is or isn’t vegan, Paul can provide straightforward, informative lectures on all things plant-based.


Paul provides consulting services for those businesses interested in transitioning from a non-vegan menu to a vegan menu.


For those restaurants interested in including more vegan menu options or fewer animal-based ingredients, Paul provides education to aid with this transition without compromising quality. He is especially interested in aligning himself with “organizations affiliated with the environmental movement.” 



Follow Paul at @thevugbug

You can also find him at Turntable Vegan, his joint venture with Chef Denise Miller.

Twitter: @thevugbug

Email: paul.vugteveen@gmail.com

Phone: 269-220-0915


Photo credit: Michael McCluskey (IG: @real_umami) and Steven Bakker (IG: @stevenjbakker) of McCluskey and Bakker Photo (https://www.mccluskeybakkerphoto.com/ IG: @mccluskeybakkerphoto)

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