8 Reasons to Visit Kzoo Cat Cafe

We spoke with Abbey Thompson, owner of the new Kzoo Cat Cafe located at 1128 W. Michigan (tucked right behind Jimmy John’s in the same building). Open just a week, this shop models similar cafes Abbey found while traveling abroad. Returning home, she wanted to recreate this coffee with a cause concept here in the States. We’ve gathered the top eight reasons you should make your reservation today.


Free WiFi

Snap those selfies and cat pics and post them right away! For those cat lovers living with a non-cat-loving roommate or in an apartment where you can’t have pets, bring your computer and get a little work done in a feline-friendly environment.


Convenient Hours

No worries for those who work full-time and can’t make daytime hours. Kzoo Cat Cafe is open 6 PM - 10 PM Monday through Friday and 10 AM - 10 PM Saturday and Sunday.


Vegan Snacks

Due to health code requirements, Abbey can provide only prepackaged snacks. We rummaged through the basket of goodies and fridge and found plenty of plant-based options. Lay’s plain potato chips, Fritos, and animal crackers were on menu as were coffee and tea. Kuerig anyone? Also available are Coke products, Gatorade, juice boxes, and bottles of water. If you prefer your coffee with creamer, you will want to bring your own.


Board Games

We caught Coldwater residents Cody and Macy enjoying coffee, kitties, and a rousing game of Catopoly. The two have been following news of the cafe and were excited to hear of the opening. They were having a quiet moment in a separate room that sits off the main part of the cafe. This little space contains a table and chairs along with games and other material to pass the time. 


Knowledgeable Staff

Abbey and her staff of volunteers get to know each of the cats’ personalities, their likes and dislikes as well as their medical histories. Abbey has extensive volunteer experience working with rescue organizations and adoptable felines. Interested in volunteering for the cause? Contact them.


Quality Family Time

Looking for an opportunity to instill kindness and compassion in your children? Want to educate them on proper pet care? Spend a little time hanging out with Abbey and her cat friends. Cats are more adoptable if they are kid-friendly. Socialization and cat cuddles. It’s a win-win. 

Please note that anyone under the age of eighteen needs a parent or guardian present to sign the waiver needed to enter the cafe. 


Easy Adoption Process

Kzoo Cat Cafe partners with Kalamazoo Animal Rescue (KAR). While adoptable cats are viewed at the cafe, the adoption process is handled through KAR. Cost of your kitty will depend on age and other factors such as medical issues. Length of wait depends on how quickly the application can be processed, but is typically about a day or two. 

For those super eager to adopt one of the cats, be aware you will not be able to go home that night with your new pet. 


Cat Cuddles!

For real. What more reason do you need to visit this new cafe? Cat cuddles are the best. 


We had the pleasure, during our visit, to make acquaintance with Moca, Emerald, Tortie, and George. Our favorite by far, though, was a spicy two-toned character named Fenris. Had we not already had a feline friend of our own at home, we may have put our name down on this one. 

All cat profiles can be viewed online. Abbey maintains a group of 15 - 20 cats in the cafe at one time. 

Reservations are a must to visit the cafe. Abbey likes to keep a maximum of fifteen people in the shop at all times to prevent stress and overstimulation to the cats. Reservations are in two-hour slots and can be made online.

Interested in supporting Abbey’s mission? In addition to helping with socializing, adopting, and volunteering, you can also purchase merchandise offered in the cafe, make direct donations in the form of toys, blankets, and cash, and support KAR.

Email with any questions to kzoocatcafe@gmail.com.

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