Sawall's to Open Cafe 36

You know about Sawall Health Foods’ expanded vegan deli options and the recently opened coffee bar, but get ready for an all new bistro to be located on the grocery’s upper level. Coined Cafe 36, the restaurant will offer a wide selection of plant-based options and features the work of Chef Jason Tilmann, an Ann Arbor native and renowned personality in the field.

According to Mark Sawall, chief operating officer of Sawall’s, Cafe 36 will offer foods that are both beautiful and delicious without regard to labels. Sure, a dish might be vegan. But it will be appealing and satisfying to omnivores and herbivores alike. For veganizable dishes, substitutions will ensure the meal remains substantial and is not a picked over, highly priced disappointment.

As for cocktails, the bar will offer multiple vegan-friendly options, including Baileys Almonde. Eat, drink, and be merrily vegan. We’ll see you there!

Photo: Courtesy of Sawall Health Foods

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