Q&A with Kalamazoo Pickle Founder Derek Richmond

Kalamazoo Pickle started with a father-daughter team on a mission to find the perfect pickle. We wanted to learn more about their venture, so we spoke with Founder Derek Richmond to learn more.

VegOut: Why pickles?

Derek: My daughter and I are always thrilled to discover a new pickle. After
years of fun discovery we wondered if we could make our own based on the
styles that we enjoy, and from that, The Richmond Pickle was born.

VegOut: How is Kalamazoo Pickle different from the other brands?

Derek: Our pickles are Kalamazoo made, pleasantly spicy and cold-aged for a special snap!
Our pickles are handmade in small batches with fresh dill, select garlic cloves, and a special blend
of peppers that patiently marinate over time.

VegOut: Do you have business partners?

Derek: Yes! My partner is my daughter, Sofia Richmond. She has been the foundation of our

VegOut: What are your hopes for the future of your company?

Derek: More flavors and greater availability! We do have another recipe in the works, but you’ll
have to wait until the formal announcement to find out what we’ve got cooking.

You can find Kalamazoo Pickle products at:

Photos: Courtesy of Kalamazoo Pickle

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