Spotlight: Hillside Indian Cuisine

We spoke with Ahsan, owner of Hillside Indian Cuisine. He and his wife Maliah pride themselves on serving traditional Indian cooking to suit all dietary preferences, vegetarian and vegan included.

The culinary masterminds, Chef Vishnu and Sous Chef Chris, gave us the lowdown on the vegan options Hillside offers each day. Per Chef Vishnu, the buffet generally offers three to four vegan options including appetizers, soups, curries, and/or desserts. The Naan Bread on the buffet is not vegan, but Chef Chris made some fresh Chapati Bread for us to try. Ahsan explained that this can be ordered in substitution for the Naan at no extra charge. It was a delicious addition to our meal.

We started with the Sweet Corn Soup. The soups are often vegetable-based and suitable for vegans. Just check with the staff beforehand. We also had a delicious variety of chutneys to pair with the Chapati Bread, including a coriander & parsley concoction as well as a sweet tamarind sauce. As for the entrees, we tried Daal Tadka, a traditional lentil curry. We also tried Curried Spinach with Potatoes, Vegetable Kofta Curry, and Bean Bhaji, a delicious mixture of lentils, beans, and veggies. We paired our meal with Basmati Rice and Vegetable Pakoras; think vegan fritters. Everything was amazing!

While the buffet won us over, the a la carte menu offers many plant-based options as well. Options include various appetizers such as Vegetable Kababs as well as a plethora of vegetarian curries. Many of the curries are vegan or can be made vegan. The staff is very knowledgeable on vegan cuisine and accommodating to dietary preferences. In addition to the delicious buffet and stellar menu, Hillside offers carry-out services, specialty holiday buffets, and a banquet room for parties.

Hillside Indian Cuisine is located at 600 Romence Rd, Suite 140.

Hours of operation include:

A la carte: Monday – Friday 5pm – 10pm

Buffet and a la carte: Tuesday – Friday 11am – 3pm and Saturday/Sunday 12pm-10pm