8 Places to Get Vegan Sushi in Kalamazoo

From sweet and simple, yet oh-so- pleasing, cucumber rolls to Tex-Mex- inspired rolls topped with guacamole, vegan sushi is an easy find in Kalamazoo and neighboring cities. The area is bursting with Asian-inspired restaurants that serve up this traditional Japanese dish. In our search, we found most restaurants offer a “vegetable sushi” section. You can stick to the classics, branch out with some of the fun plant-based creations listed below, or skim the menu for substitutions as sushi is made to order and easily tweaked.

1. Sushiya

5455 Gull Rd, Kalamazoo

Same owners, similar menu, new location. This Kalamazoo favorite is back on the sushi scene serving up traditional and unique sushi including the following plant-based rolls: the asparagus roll, the avocado roll, the cucumber roll, the kampyo roll (pickled Asian squash, cucumber, and avocado), the oshinko roll (pickled radish), the CAA roll (cucumber, avocado and asparagus), the  shitake roll (mushroom, avocado, and cucumber), and the veggie dragon roll with assorted vegetables.

2. Sakura Sushi Bar and Grill & Sakura 2

5285 Beckley Rd, Battle Creek & 6749 S Westnedge Ave, Portage

The two locations keep very similar menus and offer plant-based hibachi, soups, salads, and sushi. Check out the “vegetarian roll” section to find the following rolls: the cucumber roll, the avocado roll, the AAC (asparagus, avocado, and cucumber), the yellow pickle roll, the kampyo roll (Japanese squash), and the futomaki roll (cucumber, avocado, kampyo, yellow radish and carrot).

Regarding the vegetable tempura roll, we spoke with the staff who told us the tempura mix itself does not contain any animal ingredient. However, some dishes do mix this with egg. This roll can be made without the addition of egg, just ask!

3. Kumo Hibachi and Sushi

6396 S Westnedge Ave

Work up an appetite while shopping? Kumo Hibachi is located within walking distance of Crossroads Mall. This restaurant creates Japanese-inspired fare including seaweed salad, miso soup, and veggie sushi. Vegan rolls include: the asparagus roll, the avocado roll, the cucumber roll, the A3 roll (avocado, asparagus, and apple), the kampyo roll, the natto roll (fermented soybean), the oshinko roll (pickled radish), and the vegetable deluxe platter! The platter includes a vegetable tempura roll, which is not vegan, so substitute one of the above rolls for a plant- based lunch of true variety.

4. Wild Ginger

Crossroads Galleria, 6396 S Westnedge Ave

With inspiration from Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and other South East Asian cuisines, Wild Ginger uses Asian fusion to both create new dishes and enhance traditional fare. This restaurant offers plenty of vegan entrées and a good deal of made-to- order sushi. Try the avocado roll, the cucumber roll or the vegetable roll consisting of lettuce, asparagus, avocado, and cucumber.

With a “vegan options offered” sticker on the door, you know you’re in good hands!

5. Maru

427 East Michigan Avenue, Kalamazoo

The highly-anticipated opening is on the horizon! And as you know from our previous post, we can expect plenty of veggie sushi including the Green Turtle roll, the Archer roll, the Boogie Veggie roll, the Rio Grande roll, and the Super Mario roll. When dining at Maru, make sure to let your server know that you’re vegan, as a sauce substitution is necessary with a few of the rolls.

6. Ziki Japanese Sushi and Steakhouse

279 West Centre Ave, Portage

Ziki prides itself on serving authentic Japanese cuisine including, you guessed it, veggie sushi. Plant-based rolls include the avocado roll, the cucumber roll, the oshinko (pickled radish), and the mixed vegetable roll (avocado, cucumber, oshinko, radish, and carrot).  The sweet potato roll is NOT vegan as the tempura batter contains eggs. Ziki also features plenty of vegetarian options that can be made vegan like tofu and vegetable-based entrees.

7. Campus Wok

909 Howard St, Kalamazoo

If you find yourself near WMU’s campus, check out Campus Wok. This restaurant is suitable for both dining in and carrying out. The staff serves up traditional Chinese entrees as well as Japanese-inspired dishes including sushi. Vegan sushi options consist of the avocado roll, the cucumber roll, and the vegetable roll. Kyoto Japanese Cuisine 4604 W Main St, Kalamazoo This restaurant offers traditional Japanese food including many vegetarian entrees that can easily be made vegan. The vegan sushi on the menu includes the cucumber roll, the avocado roll, the asparagus roll, the vegetable roll (cucumber, avocado, and carrot), and a vegetable delight platter. Dreaming of a Japanese-themed dinner party? Kyoto offers veggie sushi party trays.

8. Earth Fare

5070 S Westnedge Ave, Portage

We can’t go without mentioning Earth Fare’s $5 Sushi Wednesday special or the veggie rolls this supermarket serves up daily.

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