Kalamazoo Food Trucks

From Lunchtime Live to farmer’s markets to campus events or semi-permanent parking locations, these food trucks serve up egg- and dairy-free fare on wheels. 

Coffee Rescue

Designed to look like an ambulance and carrying the “Emergency Division” logo on the side, this clever truck brings the latté to you. While you won’t find vegan snacks on the menu, you will find either soy or almond milk, depending on the day. 

Curry in a Hurry

We spoke with Chef Reid to check out what this food truck with an Indian flair has to offer. Try the Chickpea Curry, a traditional, totally vegan item. Or, just for fun, go for the Samosaritos, a melding of a samosa and a burrito. Beginning in October, curry kits will be available, another safe, vegan option. 

 Stuffed Eggplant from The Organic Gypsy

Stuffed Eggplant from The Organic Gypsy

The Organic Gypsy

The Organic Gypsy offers local and organic foods in season cooked from scratch. As such, they offer an ever-changing menu. Examples of vegan finds include dairy-free ice cream sandwiches, quinoa pilaf with roasted zucchini and shelled sweet peas, mocha mousse cake, blueberry chia cups, and collard wraps. 

Gorilla Gourmet

Gorilla Gourmet is Kalamazoo’s original food truck! They were also the first truck to offer vegan options. They almost always have something vegan on the menu but, if they don’t have, are totally happy to throw something together. Just ask!