Vegan Brew in Kalamazoo

Why in the world would beer not be vegan? It is a little known fact that many manufacturers use isinglass, a gelatin-like substance obtained from the swim bladders of fish, during the clarification and fining process. What? Fish in my brew? What complicates matters even more is that manufacturers are not required to state if isinglass was used during production. Another animal product to watch out for is honey. No worries. Leave it to VegOut to do a little beer-drinking research for you. 

Bell’s Brewery

You’re in good hands with this hometown favorite. Bell’s offers many vegan options. Two Hearted? Oberon? Winter White? Absolutely. Only a few of their brews contain honey and so would not qualify as vegan. You can check to confirm your favorite at Barnivore, your online vegan beer guide.

Tibbs Brewing Company

We checked with Kevin Tibbs and were assured that all beers currently on tap are vegan. 

Brite Eyes Brewing Co. 

Brite Eyes carries many vegan options. The two to watch out for are the wheat beer called Honey Hive and the spiced lemon IPA, Lemony Kickit. Both of these brews contain honey. 

Boatyard Brewing Company

Our source at Boatyard confirmed that this brewery offers many vegan options. Clarification at the Boatyard is done with a seaweed-based product rather than isinglass. A few brews on the menu, however, do contain lactose and honey. 

Olde Peninsula Brewpub and Restaurant

We hear great news from Olde Peninsula! They use no animal products in the manufacturing of their beer. All beer is vegan-friendly. You’re welcome. 

One Well Brewing

T.J. at One Well assures us that all beers are vegan! And just a heads up, there are more vegan items coming soon to the food menu. 


Although it's not a brewery, be sure to check out Hopcat, opening soon! With over 100 craft beers on tap, this new Kalamazoo hotspot will be sure to satisfy. Their Beer Right Meow, which they brew themselves with a partner, is absolutely vegan. Enjoy!