Juicy Leaf: Local, Raw, Organic Juice

316 S. Kalamazoo Mall, Suite 104

Juicy Leaf serves up raw, cold-pressed juices utilizing the freshest most local produce available. They have a thing for supporting area farmers. They also believe the sooner you eat the food the richer the nutrient content. In addition to the nutritive value offered, they use local produce because it helps build the area economy rather than putting money in other states’ pockets.

Environmentally conscious and community-oriented, Juicy Leaf whips up small batches of juice daily, hoping to sell out as much as possible by the end of day. Much like a bakery, as the day goes on and flavors sell out, they are not replaced. So shop early! Also be aware that the menu changes daily.

All juices are vegan, raw, and contain no sugar or water. Toyo, one of the owners, told us that juice blends reflect seasonal produce availability. She also shared that the store offers a changing array of snack options such as date balls, kale chips, and pizza crisps. In addition to juices and snacks, you will find a homemade cashew oat milk blend made from local oats.

With names like Celery City and Kalemazoo, our favorite juice was the slightly sweet Beetnik, a combination of carrots, apples, beets, ginger, and lemon. We also tried the HotShot. Served like a traditional shot, this ginger lemon combo packs a kick and is served with an orange wedge for calming things down afterward.

Mostly raw. Mostly vegan. All delicious. Juicy Leaf.