Nutcase Vegan Meats

Looking for an alternative to the highly processed packaged faux sausage products on the market today? Try Nutcase Vegan Meats. Organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and whole foods based, these meat alternatives offer a nutrient dense protein source in many delicious flavors. Nutcase Vegan Meats is a Grand Rapids-based company whose products are carried at Sawall Health FoodsNatural Health Center, and People’s Food Co-op. Try the Nutty Burger, Hot Italian Sausage, Breakfast Sausage, or Sweet Italian Sausage. We stopped in at Sawall’s when Nutcase was sampling product and tried the Chorizo, fell in love, and are totally sold. 

While at Sawall’s we had a chat with Andrew, one of the owners of Nutcase Vegan Meats. He and his wife are both physicians and have been developing and improving the product over the past few years. Earlier this year, they made the decision to actively market the sausages to the general public. The product is currently packaged in bulk but will soon be available in patties, a more user-friendly form. The idea for Nutcase Vegan Meats was sparked after Andrew’s daughter watched Food Inc. and decided to go vegetarian. The parents soon followed her decision and began searching for quality, whole foods based, alternative protein sources. Andrew, along with his wife, then, created a ground meat comprised of walnuts, brown rice, quinoa, and spices. This vegan meat became the foundation of their business.

Healthful, delicious, and locally produced, these sausages may be our new go-to protein alternative.