4 Places to Get Vegan Pizza in Kalamazoo

Got a Friday night pizza craving? Going out with friends and don’t want to be that person, the one asking a million questions about whether the restaurant has dairy in its dough? Whether it’s date night, girl’s night, or Saturday night sleepover, we’ve found the perfect pies for your vegan event.  



5015 W. Main Street

One word. Vegan cheese! Servers in this fast-casual chain are happy to change gloves before making your pizza. Just ask! Try the Build-Your-Own. Start with Blaze’s dairy-free dough, a red sauce or olive oil, and Daiya vegan mozzarella. Load up with Kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, artichokes, basil, roasted garlic, sautéed zucchini and other great veggie combos! 



3307 Stadium Drive

We spoke with Rob at Bilbo’s to get the lowdown on vegan options at this local pizza joint. Dough is vegan, pizza sauce is vegan, and servers are happy to adjust most orders to accommodate vegan needs. The Health Nut Pizza, loaded with mushroom, onion, green pepper, and zucchini on a stone ground whole wheat crust is a great choice here. Order without the cheese. Also tasty, without the cheese, is the Garden of Eatin’. Same pizza with added black olives and tomato slices. Or, be brave and build your own!

Friends want to go for pizza but you’re just not feeling it? Bilbo’s offers an extensive menu with plenty of vegan options.  Try the spaghetti without the Parmesan or the Gaffer’s Garden, a vegan sandwich stuffed with veggies on an Italian roll and served with Bilbo’s award-winning vegan-friendly house dressing. 

Bonus! The bread sticks are vegan. Just order without all that cheese and butter.



832 South Westnedge Avenue

Always a great option, Martini’s dough is vegan and staff is open to altering dishes as well. For pizza, try the Focaccia, an olive oil and garlic-infused crust and sauce with your choice of toppings. We went spinach, artichoke, and black olives and were super impressed. Don’t forget to order without the cheese. 

Also vegan-friendly are the penne and linguini with red sauce. Again, order without the cheese. If it’s a sandwich you’re in the mood for, the Veggie Crudo is a load of veggies on a French baguette. And again, order without the cheese.

With a neighborhood feel and a knowledgeable staff, Martini’s is a great spot for a casual lunch or special night out. 

Papa John’s 

Multiple Locations

Feeling lazy? Want someone to show up in front of your face with food? Order Papa John’s. Get the original, hand-tossed dough. It’s your only egg- and dairy-free option. The thin crust is NOT vegan. Hear us again. The thin crust is NOT vegan. Plain breadsticks without all the garlic and Parmesan are vegan. And, oddly enough, those little cups of garlic butter are completely dairy-free!!! Yes, Papa John’s garlic dipping sauce IS vegan. Indulge!