Q&A: Vybe Source

We've been hearing a lot about a new socially-conscious movement called Vybe Source, so we decided to speak with their Sales & Marketing Manager, Angelo, to find out more.

VegOut Kalamazoo: Tell us a little about Vybe Source. What is it?

Angelo: Vybe Source is a platform that’s creating a movement for conscious thinkers and innovators supporting collective evolution. Visualize Yourself Better Everyday.

VegOut Kalamazoo: How did the group get its start?

Angelo: Spencer Taylor is the founder and producer behind Vybe Source. His passion and enthusiasm for humanity led to the birth of Vybe Source.

VegOut Kalamazoo: What are some things Vybe Source has to offer the general public?

Angelo: We offer various live events, programs, mentorship, and support to anyone that is seeking it. Vybe Source is motivated to bring awareness to the general public for all of the right reasons.

VegOut Kalamazoo: How is veganism supported through the group?

Angelo: The team is on a 100% plant-based diet. We have attended and recorded cooking classes which we share among the group so everyone is well equipped to prepare their own meals at home. We do not entertain any form of animal cruelty and guide others to make more conscious decisions regarding their eating habits by explaining the connection between the Mind, Body, and Soul.

VegOut Kalamazoo: How can we follow Vybe Source for more information?

Angelo: Vybe Source can be followed on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also visit
vybesource.com for more information, products, and services.

So there you have it! Join the movement by following Vybe Source on social media and stay tuned for their upcoming events.