Vegan Kalamazoo: More Than a Meet-Up

An activist group, a directory of resources, a learning tool, a community of like-minded souls, Vegan Kalamazoo is your opportunity to be among those who really get you. More than just a meet-up, this crowd offers a chance to ask questions, to stretch, and to grow in your vegan journey. 

From vegan potlucks to Saturday mornings at the coffee shop, join the fun and get to know your vegan neighbors! 

While there are tons of opportunities to get involved, from jumping into discussion, to sharing vegan finds, to participating in sharing vegan literature at farmers' markets and community events, there is never a requirement to participate. It’s totally fine to lay low and stalk their Facebook page to learn a bit about the plant-based lifestyle. That’s actually encouraged! Read, watch, absorb. No judgment. 

Jump on over to Vegan Kalamazoo's Facebook page. Ask to join the group. Wait for the admin to give the okay. That’s it! You’re part of the team!! Well? Get on over there!