Restaurant Spotlight: Tropical Smoothie Café

Tropical Smoothie’s mantra is that when you eat great, you feel great. They offer real, fresh, delicious foods with gluten-free and low calorie meal options. Quality ingredients like real fruits and vegetables set their smoothies apart from the rest. Got an event coming up? Tropical Smoothie also offers catering.

Lots of dairy-free smoothies on the menu here. We tried the Island Green, a blend of spinach, kale, mango, pineapple, and banana. Other vegan options include the Muscle Blaster (strawberries, banana, and your choice of a soy or pea protein), Pomegranate Plunge (pomegranate, banana, strawberries, and cranberry), Rockin’ Raspberry (raspberries, strawberries, and banana), and the Sunny Day (mango, banana, orange juice, and kiwi). Just to note, these smoothies do contain turbinado sugar. Feel free to ask the servers to cut that down for you if you’re not a fan. Ingredients to watch out for include whey protein, yogurt, and chocolate, none of which are vegan. Just use the available menu pamphlet as your guide. Ingredients of all drinks are clearly stated in the pamphlet.

Tropical Smoothie also offers up a decent lunch menu. And …..wait for it………any dish that contains chicken can be subbed out with Beyond Meat Chicken-Free strips!! We ordered up the Baja Chicken on Flatbread without the cheese or southwest-style dressing and substituted the Beyond Meat for the real chicken. Our lunch partner went with the Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wrap, substituting Beyond Meat for the real chicken and ordering without the mozzarella. And, bonus, that Jamaican Jerk sauce is totally vegan! Tortillas and flatbread, as well, are both vegan.

You will definitely need to do some altering at Tropical Smoothie but there are plenty of options available if you’re willing to do a little work. And those smoothies! 

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Tropical Smoothie is located at 4315 W. Main Street.