Top Vegan Picks at 4 Kzoo Bakeries

Bakeries aren’t all about cakes and cupcakes. Sometimes a vegan needs some bread. But navigating the ingredient list on all those cookies and rolls and muffins and loaves can be more than a little scary, especially if the line is out the door and the people behind you are getting hangry. No worries. We’ve already done the research.   

Free Love Bakery

7620 S. Westnedge Ave.

We stopped in to talk with Julie, the owner of this little gem. Julie shared that not only are Free Love’s Gingersnaps and Frosted Sugar Cookies vegan but their cinnamon rolls are vegan as well. And don’t be afraid to frost that roll. The icing is totally egg- and dairy-free! The bakery uses Earth Balance as their butter-substitute and can do preorders given plenty of notice. They also stock their cinnamon rolls in the freezer, partially baked. Take a few home, thaw, and finish the baking yourself. 

Julie tells us Free Love is always playing around with recipes, exploring, trying out new things. They are currently working on perfecting a vegan cake. We here at VegOut are crossing our fingers on that. 

But that cinnamon roll, though! 

Victorian Bakery

116 W. Crosstown Parkway

Natural, organic, and locally sourced, Victorian Bakery offers a rich selection of wholesome breads. You can pick up their products around town at some of the farmer’s markets and Sawall Health Foods, but do yourself a favor and stop in at their shop on West Crosstown Parkway. Here are just a few of the vegan breads they offer: 

•    Sunflower Seed Bread (previously made with honey, now vegan-friendly)
•    5-Grain Bread
•    Sourdough
•    Country Loaf

MacKenzies’ Bakery

4426 W. Main St.

A locally owned bakery, MacKenzie’s carries a nice selection of vegan breads. Stick with the breads only, though, as none of their pastries or desserts are animal-friendly. 

These are the egg-, honey-, and dairy-free breads MacKenzies’ carries: 

  • Crispy Italian
  • French Baguette
  • Paesano
  • Pane di Como
  • Rustic Baguette
  • Multi Grain
  • Old Fashioned Sourdough
  • Pumpernickel
  • Caraway Rye
  • Pumpernickel/Rye Swirl 

Sarkozy Bakery

350 E. Michigan

Located in the heart of downtown, Sarkozy Bakery offers a decent selection of vegan breads, ample seating, and Wi-Fi. Sit, relax, and eat bread! And post a photo to our Facebook page while you’re there!! These are our Sarkozy’s VegOut picks: 

  • French bread
  • French baguette
  • Rye
  • Pumpernickel
  • Sourdough