We're Growing: A Note from the Founder

I began VegOut this past summer as a side project while working full-time. The site was something I used to feed my creative spirit. My intent was to help new vegans easily find plant-based food around my city, Los Angeles. The blog was nothing more than a fun project that had a small, but loyal following.

Then, my mom (and VegOut’s now co-founder) declared that Kalamazoo needed its own vegan city guide. My immediate thought was no way, how is Kalamazoo going to sustain a vegan city guide when it doesn't have any vegan-specific restaurants? I also had the concern of spreading too thin before developing a solid foundation. However, my mom had no doubts. She started creating content like crazy and couldn't be stopped. Before I knew it, VegOut Kalamazoo had been born. And to my surprise, the response from you all was overwhelmingly positive (thank you!!).

We soon found that trying to keep the content flowing for two sites was challenging. We needed more help. Enter Anthony. Anthony was the powerhouse we needed to keep moving forward. His positive spirit and endless amount of energy motivated me even more to keep going. We brought him on to help with social media but found his work so impressive that we soon trusted him to handle way more. He's helped us tremendously and I can't thank him enough.

Another person I would like to extend my gratitude to is Anja. Anja is an incredible writer and has been contributing to the site for a couple of months. Her writing rocks and if you haven't, you can read some of her work here...and here

Soon after Anja started writing for us, my mom began writing articles on her hometown, Indianapolis. You probably guessed that I was not the most thrilled. Again, I was worried about spreading ourselves too thin. However, my mom can be convincing, very convincing.

I am happy to announce that VegOut Indianapolis will soon be added to our roster of blogs and our website will be getting a makeover. We are looking forward to providing the same quality content and commitment to healthy living that we have with both the Los Angeles and Kalamazoo sites.

The success so far would not be possible without all of your support, and the incredible team here at VegOut. Thank you for your continued support!

Peace, love, and veggies,