Chau Haus, Downtown Kalamazoo's Newest Restaurant, Has Vegan Options

We stopped in to speak with Chef Frankie, owner of Chau Haus, Kalamazoo’s new German restaurant located at 410 S. Burdick. Chau Haus, open about a week now, has plenty of vegan offerings on the menu. 

We tried the Vegestopheles, an insanely delicious German vegan version of a meatball sub. Vege-balls (vegan meatballs) are smothered with sautéed mushrooms and onions and topped with red cabbage and sauerkraut. We slathered our sandwich with the homemade stoneground mustard. You might also choose the house-made curry ketchup. All of this sat on a Victorian Bakery’s French bread bun. 

Why Vegestopheles? The name is inspired by a bit of German folklore. The character Faust is a highly successful scholar who has much but is sadly unhappy with his life.  He desires more and sells his soul to the devil to get it. Mephistopheles, said devil, provides Faust unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasures. Chef Frankie, of Chau Haus, assures us that her German vegan meatball sandwich is worth selling your soul for. Having made that bargain earlier today, we have to concur.   

Other vegan options include salad with vegan croutons and the house-made vegan dressings. There is also always a vegan soup on the menu. We tried the plant-based tomato soup and were glad we did. Be on the lookout, too, for occasional vegan specials. 

Chau Haus is open Monday-Friday 11-3 and Friday-Saturday 10pm-3am.

When you stop by, tell them you’re a VegOut follower and receive 10% off your order.