Q&A with Abbi Clark of Island City Crafts

We know we talk a lot about food on VegOut but after a full day of running around town checking out all the great vegan offerings at local restaurants, you’re going to be tired. You’re going to want to run a nice hot bath and luxuriate in some handmade vegan soaps and lotions. Pour yourself a glass of vegan wine, light some candles, and feel the gratitude of living in a town that supports healthy living as you sink deeper into that beautifully scented water.  

Meet Abbi Clark, owner of Island City Crafts. We sat down with Abbi to learn more about her line of animal-friendly bath products. 

VegOut Kalamazoo: Are all of your health and beauty products vegan? 

Abbi: Yes. All of our health and beauty products are vegan. We refuse to use any animal products, honey, or beeswax.

VegOut Kalamazoo: How did you get started selling soap? 

Abbi: When I was in college I was searching for ways to make money to pay my tuition without loans. I made my first batch of soap hoping it would sell. It sold out very quickly. I had a much larger demand than I was ready for at the time.          

VegOut Kalamazoo: Where can we purchase your products? 

Abbi: Soaps and lotions can be purchased at Nature Connection located at 359 S. Kalamazoo Mall. You can also follow us on Facebook for other locations.

VegOut Kalamazoo: How do your products differ from others on the market? 

Abbi: Unlike many products on the market, I refuse to use artificial ingredients. I use only 100% natural ingredients and 100% pure essential oils that help improve the health of your skin. I use no colors or perfumes that irritate the skin. In addition, I personally test all products on myself, NOT on animals.

VegOut Kalamazoo: Do you have plans for new products or to sell in more shops? 

Abbi: I have many new product ideas that include a men’s line, facial masks, and acne healing solutions among others. As for selling in more shops, I would especially love to offer the Michigan shaped soaps throughout the state. 

Thanks so much, Abbi, for giving VegOut Kalamazoo a bit of your time and for supporting the vegan community.