8 Places to Get Your Juice Fix in Indianapolis

Refreshing smoothies and fresh juices are perfect for summer, but truth be told, we love these beverages year-round. No matter what season you’re in, smoothies, juices, and acai bowls are always in style. Check out our list of places to find vegan smoothies, juices, and more.


Twenty Two Juicery & Smoothie Bar - 222 E Market St.

Founded by two college sweethearts, Twenty Two Juicery & Smoothie Bar serves up delicious, fresh concoctions packed with goodness and love. Try one of our favorite juices, the You Glow Girl, also for glowing fellas too. Or check the menu for one of their many made-to-order smoothies or acai bowls.

 Ginger Bomb from Twenty Two Juicery & Smoothie Bar

Ginger Bomb from Twenty Two Juicery & Smoothie Bar


The Garden Table908 E Westfield Blvd & 342 Massachusetts Ave.

A local eatery and fresh juicery, The Garden Table serves up seasonally-influenced and locally-sourced goods. Try the Cashew Concoction, a juice made of coconut water, cashew, spirulina, maple, vanilla bean, and Himalayan pink sea salt. The Garden Table also features many veganizable menu items and coffee creations for other delicious treats.

 Lush Love from The Garden Table

Lush Love from The Garden Table


Vitality Bowls5650 West 86th St. Suite 136

With more than 40 locations, getting your hands on plant-based goods like smoothies, juices, and blended bowls has never been easier. Try The Dragon, a fruity smoothie blended with pitaya (aka dragon fruit, hence the name), guava, strawberries, mango, and raspberries. Or try one of the many acai bowls with toppings like goji berries, mangosteen, and even broccoli. Be sure to watch for honey as some of the pre-set bowl varieties contain this non-vegan ingredient.


Natural Born Juicers865 Massachusetts Ave.

Not only can you create your own juices and smoothies, you can have them delivered! This mobile juice and smoothie bar offers plenty of vegan options. We like the FOMO, but there is no missing out with this juice of mixed vegetables, apple, and ginger. A little sweet, a little spicy, straight to your door.


Greenleaf Juicing Company18 N Meridian St.

We love Greenleaf and we gravitate toward the Maca Cacao smoothie. Made with cacao nibs, almond butter, oats, banana, cinnamon, nutmeg, maple syrup, almond milk, and ice, can you blame us? Greenleaf also offers crafted shots and blended bowls in addition to a menu full of salads, quinoa bowls, and steamed soups. Plenty of vegan options to be had here!


Ezra’s Enlightened Cafe6516 Ferguson St.

Ezra’s offers many vegan smoothies and juices. We suggest trying the Playful Soul, a mixture of juiced orange, lemon, lime, cilantro, pineapple, ginger, and cayenne. For those cooler days, Ezra’s features an assortment of Creamy, Blended Hot Tonics to choose from as well.


Juice Bar3315 East 86th St.

Indianapolis is lucky to be one of the many cities featuring Juice Bar. And they don’t stop at just juice. Juice Bar offers a full menu as well as juice shots and smoothies. Try our favorite smoothie, Orange You Smooth, made with pineapple, ginger, mint, lemon, juiced carrot and apple.

 Juice Bar's Orange You Smooth

Juice Bar's Orange You Smooth


Your Favorite Grocery Store

Lastly, don’t forget about your favorite grocery stores like Trader Joe’s, Earth Fare, Kroger, and Fresh Thyme. Check out your store’s in-house smoothie bar or opt for a bottled variety. Some of our favorite brands include: Naked, Bolthouse, Evolution, Blueprint, Suja, Santa Cruz, and Odowalla.


Did we miss your favorite place? Let us know in the comments!

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