Road Trip: 9 Places to Eat Vegan in NYC

What’s a vegan to do when she finds herself smack in the middle of New York City? She eats vegan food, of course! And NYC has no shortage of beautiful, delicious, quick and easy, plant-based options. Join us as we take a little trek through the city that never sleeps (and loves to eat!). 
1. Sunny & Annie’s Deli - 94 Ave. B
New York is known for its delis. This little neighborhood spot, located in East Village, doesn’t disappoint. A combination of a corner mom and pop grocery and a sandwich shop, Sunny & Annie’s is a regular of many of the locals. We can see why. The cook had my guest’s regular sandwich order memorized. That’s no small feat given how many people pass through their doors. Impressive! We went with a tofu wrap on white with onion, spinach, and hash browns and washed it all down with a beautiful iced green tea.  
2. Dun-Well Donuts - 102 St. Marks Street
When Dan (Dun)bar and Chris Hollo(well) got together, they got serious about their donuts. And their ethics. This all-vegan donut shop located in East Village is committed to supporting local businesses and utilizing quality ingredients. Sprinkles, Maple, Blueberry Glazed! This is one of those shops a vegan walks in and says, “I can order anything on the menu!!!” Enjoy your donut(s!) with a coffee, tea, or latte. It’s all animal-free. 
3. by CHLOE. - Multiple Locations
We confess to visiting by CHLOE a couple times on our trip. Once is not enough. Three words: Best Brunch Ever! Comprised of locally sourced ingredients in their most natural form, all dishes are chef-inspired and house made. The menu is entirely plant-based, so go a little crazy and have some fun with this. This is how we got our brunch on: 

Day 1 - The Early Bird and Quinoa Hash Browns. That Early Bird consists of scrambled organic tofu, spinach, house-made maple sausage, market greens, and 7-grain toast. Kick it up a notch by adding avocado or asking for the gluten-free option. 
Day 2 - We revisited those crazy amazing Quinoa Hash Browns (with sour cream, paprika, scallions) and added a bowl of Morning Oats (quinoa, flaxseed, steel cut oats, fresh berries). We rocked the works on those oats for an extra $2.50 (raw almond butter, banana, pure maple syrup, and cacao nibs). It’s brunch so, you know, we had to add some Mac N’ Cheese (sweet potato-cashew cheese sauce, shitake bacon, and almond parm). 
Make this eco-friendly, all-vegan restaurant a must-visit on your trip. 
4. Peace Food Cafe - 41 E. 11th St. 
At a friend’s suggestion, we tried the Peace Food Cafe. So glad we did! The entire dinner was like a meditative experience. From the groovy vibes to the gorgeous food to the friendly service, this all-vegan spot aims to provide meals with “mindfulness, gratitude, and intention.” 
We tried the Peace Bowl with pumpkin, kale, bok choy, and brown rice served with a ginger sauce. We also ordered up a plate of “chicken” fingers served with a vegan ranch dressing. 
5. Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream - Multiple Locations
No vegan vacation to NYC would be complete without a stop to Van Leeuwen’s ice cream shop. A few of the vegan flavors you can find at Van Leeuwen’s include salted caramel, chocolate chip cookie dough, matcha tea, Sicilian pistachio, and caramelized banana nut. Top your treat with the vegan chocolate sauce, vegan whipped cream, or cacao nibs. Can’t decide which awesome flavor you would like to try? Order up one of Van Leeuwen’s delicious sundaes. Enjoy!
6. Terri - Multiple Locations
Sandwiches, subs, and wraps, oh my! And all of it’s vegan! We tried the Grilled Chicken Caesar wrap with grilled “chicken,” lettuce, cashew parm, croutons, tomato, and Caesar dressing. #thosecroutonstho
7. Cafe Mogador - Multiple Locations
This staple of East Village serves up Moroccan-inspired cuisine and cozy neighborhood vibes. Note that Mogador also has a Brooklyn site. Be sure to check the menu online for variations in options. While the vegan selection isn’t extensive, the food is delicious. We started with roti and hummus and ordered the vegetarian couscous for our main course. Just specify dairy-free. 
8. Ellis Island
Veggie burgers at Ellis Island are vegan but the buns are not. Also offered are vegan ham and cheese and vegan turkey and cheese sandwiches. You will find chips and other plant-based snacks here as well. 
9. The MasalaWala - Multiple Locations
This cozy spot offers traditional Indian cuisine with a hip twist. Think South Asian street food. Friendly service, a plethora of plant-based options, and food that’s drop dead gorgeous make MasalaWala a must-visit.