7 Places to Find Vegan Ice Cream in Indianapolis

Finding dairy-free frozen treats can be a challenge, but we were more than happy to do this research for you. Here are seven places to get vegan ice cream in Indianapolis.


1. BRICS - 901 East 64th St.

Environmentally conscious, from their compostable to-go cups to their metal tasting spoons. BRICS invites you to sit down and stay awhile in order to save waste and enjoy this frozen treat in a real parfait glass. This tasty shop with funky vibes, located in the original Broad Ripple train station, offers coconut milk-based flavors and sherbet. Best of all? They’re open year-round. 

Try the Vegan Pay Dirt –Mexican Chocolate gelato with Oreos, So Delicious cocowhip, sprinkles, and a cherry on top! Not in the mood for ice cream? No problem. BRICS has fruit and protein smoothies that are 100% vegan! 

Regular menu items can also be altered to be made vegan. 


2. Wyliepalooza Ice Cream Emporium - 5535 E. Washington St. 

From their Italian Ices to their non-dairy soy selection, this shop has plenty to tempt the taste buds. Try an Italian Ice in Cherry, Lemon, Carrot Mango, and Blue Raspberry, among others. In the mood for vegan ice cream instead? Go for the Butter Pecan, Espresso Oreo, Chocolate, Raspberry Nebula, or Vanilla Chocolate Chip.

Wyliepalooza is family-owned and community-oriented. Head on over and give them a try.  


3. Ritter’s Frozen Custard - Multiple Locations

Italian Ice in lemon drop, mangolicious, seedless watermelon, strawberry, mokaccino, rootbeer, lime, grape, blue razz, and cherry bomb. So many flavors from which to choose! We tried the cherry bomb. And it was…..the bomb! 


4. Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt - 427 Massachusetts Ave.

Customizable vegan ice cream? You bet! At Sub Zero you make your own. 

How it works: 

1.    Choose your cream – vegan options!! 
2.    Choose your flavors – banana, strawberry, and mango just to name a few
3.    Add fun mix-ins – Oreos, cherries, almonds, and more! 
4.    Watch it freeze! Eat and enjoy!!


5. Cold Stone Creamery - Multiple Locations

Cold Stone locations generally carry at least one flavor of sorbet. Choose from lemon, raspberry, watermelon, or tangerine. Add some mix-ins like fresh fruit or nuts. Enjoy! 


6. Lick - 1125 E Brookside Ave C-7B

Two sisters, ice cream, and a dream. Lick also whips up frozen treats for its vegan friends. 

Try their Spiced Chocolate Marshmallow!! You’ll be glad you did. 

As the season warms up, look for Mango Hibiscus or Elderflower Violet sorbet. Tell them VegOut sent you! 


7. Gordon’s Ice Cream Parlor - 2902 East Tenth  St. 

Gordon’s carries a coconut milk-based vegan option.

Not in the mood for ice cream? Try a sorbet from Gordon’s. In lime, pineapple, watermelon, orange, and mint, these are sure to satisfy. 

Gordon’s will open for the season the first weekend in May.