6 Places to Get Vegan Pizza in Indianapolis

Got a Friday night pizza craving? Going out with friends and don’t want to be that person, the one asking a million questions about whether the restaurant has dairy in its dough? Whether it’s date night, girl’s night, or Saturday night sleepover, we’ve found the perfect pies for your vegan event.

1. Mellow Mushroom - Keystone and 116th, Carmel

Offering online ordering, catering, and a plethora of vegan options, Mellow Mushroom is a tasty choice for that Friday pizza night. Daiya can be substituted for regular cheese on any order. Try the Mega-Veggie, Thai Dye, or Gluten Free Veg Out.

Not in the mood for pizza? No problem. Mellow Mushroom offers Tempeh Hoagies, Tofu Hoagies, and a Greek or Enlightened Spinach Salad, among others.

Feel like munchies while the pizza cooks? Try the pretzels, ordered without butter or Parmesan. And no worries, both pizza and calzone dough are vegan! But be sure to order the dough with no added butter or Parmesan.

Check out their vegan menu here.

2. Bazbeaux - Broadripple, Carmel, and downtown locations

Vegan gluten-free crust is only one of many reasons to visit Bazbeaux for your pizza needs. This locally owned business offers plenty of salads, pizzas, and sandwiches that are either animal-friendly or easily altered. If you don’t find something that speaks to your hunger, go with the “Create Your Own” option.

Enjoy your pizza inside or out with beautiful outdoor seating offered at each location.

3. Blaze - Multiple locations

Two words. Vegan cheese! Servers in this fast-casual chain are happy to change gloves before making your pizza. Just ask! Try the Build-Your-Own. Start with Blaze’s dairy-free dough, a red sauce or olive oil, and Daiya vegan mozzarella. Load up with Kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, artichokes, basil, roasted garlic, sautéed zucchini and other great veggie combos!

4. Napolese - 114 E 49th Street 30 South Meridian Street 8702 Keystone Crossing

Napolese offers both a regular vegan crust and a gluten-free vegan crust. Their red sauce is animal-friendly as well. Committed to quality ingredients and artful cooking, Napolese utilizes stone hearth baking methods and locally sourced produce.

5. Donato’s - Multiple locations

You’re in good hands at this pizza chain. The red sauce is vegan as is the regular crust. Tons of veggie options include banana peppers, black olives, fresh baby spinach, fresh green peppers, fresh mushrooms, fresh Roma tomatoes, fresh yellow onion, green olives, jalapeño peppers, pineapples, roasted garlic, basil, and sliced almonds.

6. Papa John’s - Multiple locations

Yes. Papa John’s. Because sometimes you just feel like eating pizza in your jammies.

Papa John’s sauce and hand-tossed dough are both vegan. Heads up, though! That thin crust is NOT vegan. Throw on all the veggie toppings you like and order without cheese. And don’t be afraid to dunk the crust in that garlic dipping sauce. It’s totally vegan!

Photo: Bazbeaux