Opening Soon: 10th Street Diner

It’s great to walk into a restaurant and find a number of plant-based selections on the menu, but a menu that is entirely vegan? That’s what we’re talking about! We spoke with Will Holmes to learn more about this all-vegan diner coming soon to the Indianapolis area.


VegOut: Tell us a little about yourself and how you came to create the idea for your new place.

Will: I've been in the restaurant and catering industry for the last sixteen years. I'm vegan and know how underserved the market is here in Indy. So it was just the right time to make the leap.


VegOut: Why an all-vegan restaurant?

Will: Eating at a restaurant can be a minefield if you're vegan. We wanted to create a place where the entire menu is available.


VegOut: What can we expect from the menu?

Will: The menu will be fairly eclectic. We'll have entrees like huevos rancheros and lasagna as well as a variety of sandwiches, wraps, and baked goods.


VegOut: Do you have any specialties?

Will: We just try to make good fresh food. If we didn't love it, it didn't make the menu. That being said, my personal favorite is the lasagna.


VegOut: When will 10th Street Diner make its debut?

Will: We don't have an exact date yet but I'll keep everyone updated via our Facebook page. It will be sometime this spring.


VegOut: Do you have a partner? Can you share a little history or background?

Will: I'm very lucky to have my mom as my partner. We have been running a catering company together for the last seven years, working together off and on for the last fourteen. She has been vegan/vegetarian for over forty years. She's the true talent in the kitchen. This restaurant would not exist without her.


VegOut: Anything else you would like to leave readers with?

Will: Our goal for this restaurant is to make the vegan lifestyle more accessible and to show people you don't have to give up the foods you love to live a more compassionate life. So, regardless of your dietary preference, I would encourage people to come check us out and enjoy some awesome food.


Thanks, Will, for taking the time to talk with VegOut. Keep us posted on that opening!


10th Street Diner is located at 3301 East 10th Street and opens soon.