Half Pint Vegan Dairy

To our loyal & fantastic customers,

You may be wondering why you are not able to get Butter Me Up in your local shop at the moment.

There are a few reasons why – at the end of last year we had some major challenges in our production processes for BMU, the most serious one was the loss of our organic Coconut Oil supply.

Despite being assured we had a steady supply of the organic Coconut oil (our main ingredient), at a very good price- this sadly and suddenly turned out to not be the case. Unfortunately, we have not been able to secure another supply of this ingredient at a price which makes it viable to continue to produce Butter Me Up for retail sale.

In addition to this – we discovered that we would not be able to order any more of the tubs that we use, as the minimum order was going up to 50,000 units. As I am sure you are aware, we are a tiny business, and quantities like this, with the financial outlay they entail, are beyond our capabilities.

I know some of you will be very disappointed and frustrated that you can’t get BMU, and believe me when I say I am sorry. We really have given this product our all, and if there was any way around this break in supply in the short term – we would take it.

So, we are taking a break from supplying our products to retail stores while we regroup (and recover from two and half years of non stop work – grateful but tired!). There will be some sun, social life(!) and a trusty drawing board as we assess our next move.

We are looking at some ideas – perhaps an online store..?

In the meantime – we will still be out and about at events over 2017, you will see us next at…


if not before….!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has supported us, bought our products, come to events and eaten our pies and ice creams! Your support has meant the world to us, we are VERY passionate about showing the world how great vegan food can be, and we could not do that without YOU!

So, thank you, and please keep your eye on this page for updates or keep in contact via our Facebook and Instagram pages

Jules & Sam

Half Pint.