Who We Are

Maggie Ortlieb


Founder - VegOut Media, Maggie spends her days in the Los Angeles area serving as corporate marketing maven for a large accounting firm. Her interests run the gamut from advocating for human and animal rights to traveling to hiking to reading to partaking in any new experience she can find (Hip-hop, anyone? Improv?). Maggie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising from Michigan State University. Go green!


Tammie Ortlieb


Cofounder and Editor - VegOut Media, Tammie also maintains a personal blog at lifeloveandpixiedust.blogspot.com. Her writing has been featured in VegNews, VegFamily, WOW! Women on Writing, and various other non-veg sources. She is author of Outside the Lines: Essays on Poverty, Possibilities, and the Power of Love as well as Freeing My Inner Blonde. Professor, writer, and mother of four, she confesses she really just wants to make people smile, look at pretty things, and read until her brain explodes.


Anja Grommons


Executive Editor - VegOut Kalamazoo, Anja is also a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a Masters Degree from Western Michigan University. Growing up in her parents' restaurant in Northern Michigan instilled in her a lifelong passion for nutrition and cooking. Anja has completed the T. Colin Campbell Plant-Based Nutrition certification and keeps a personal blog at vegcentricdietitian.com full of plant-based recipes and nutrition information.


Jess fales


Photographer - VegOut Kalamazoo, Jess is a life-long Kalamazoolander, and is frequently spotted at the local coffee shops and bookstores. She is currently a student at Western Michigan University, where she studies English literature, world literature, and creative writing. As a freelance photographer and owner of Epic Fales Photography, she focuses on capturing the beautiful things in life—everything from obscure trash to mountain weddings. Jess mostly enjoys wandering around Kalamazoo and northern Michigan, and she’s always looking forward to new adventures, and wherever they might take her. 


sara souders

Contributing Writer - VegOut Kalamazoo, Born and raised in West Michigan, Sara has been a vegetarian for the last seven years (plant based for the most recent two).

When she’s not corralling her infant daughter and infant-at-heart beagle, she enjoys traveling, writing, and eating all the vegan food. Sara is an art school graduate with a BFA in Fashion.


Sara moran

Contributing Writer - VegOut Los Angeles, Sara Moran is a Los Angeles resident passionate about the arts, the city, and the natural world. She’s been writing since an early age and is always looking for more opportunities to expand her portfolio. In between reading, exploring, and spending time with her pets, Sara enjoys playing music with her friends and family.